Our Most FrequentlyAsked Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our Google Ads Management Service:

How are you so affordable? How can you be effective with those prices?

The simple answer is efficiency. We only manage Google Ads campaigns. Other companies manage Google Ads, but they also do graphic design, websites, email marketing, Facebooks ads, landing page design and other services. This means they aren’t focused on making their Google Ads service as efficient as possible. Our president has an Industrial Engineering degree – so efficiency is part of our culture and our proprietary systems are built for efficiency. Also, by only focusing on one thing, we don’t have the overhead that other “do everything” agencies have.

This principle can be applied to your Agency as well. By outsourcing a service like Google Ads, you don’t need to hire a full-time Google Ads professional. This keeps your overhead low and allows you to scale your services as needed.

We also work in volume. Our Google Ads professionals have lots of accounts to manage. The experience they have is applied to all our accounts. We don’t spend much time “trying to understand” Google Ads. Like a dedicated athlete, we exercise our Google Ads muscles everyday, so we’re good, fast and efficient.

Can you link the Google Ads account to my Client’s Google Analytics account?
Yes – we will need an administrative log-in to the top level Analytics account. Once linked, you and your Client will be able to see the Google Ads data in your Analytics account.
Do you create landing pages?
No. Third Marble does not design any web pages or websites. We can only link the ads to the pages of the website that you provide. We think this would be a conflict with our Agencies, so if you want landing pages, we ask your Agency to create them for us.

Opportunity – Landing pages can significantly increase the conversion rate of the traffic that Google Ads provides. We recommend that you discuss the Google Ads results with your Client and strategically design high-conversion landing pages = More Projects for your Agency.

Do you offer tracking phone numbers?

Yes. We recommend you sign your client up on a CallRail account (callrail.com) or use Google Ad’s free call tracking service. Both Third Marble and Google recommend CallRail. If you choose CallRail, we prefer if the client owns the account and pays for it directly. That way they own the phone numbers in the CallRail account too. The system usually costs $30 to $50 per month depending on talk time and the number of phone numbers required. 

We usually configure the CallRail account to only change the phone numbers on the website when the visitor arrives after a GoogleAds click. By default, we only track “first time callers” with a “call duration” of at least 60 seconds. CallRail has numerous other features that you can use to help your client track other marketing campaigns as well.

Google Ad’s Call Tracking service is free and works just fine. It just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of CallRail. Call us to recommend one or the other.

We will also use Google’s Call Tracking to track calls that originate directly from the Google Ads from the Click to Call Extensions and Call Only Ads.

Do you work with franchise owners?

Yes – franchises are slightly different and have different online marketing challenges. We work with several franchise businesses.  Franchisees should ask us about our discounted services as a preferred vendor.

For Remarketing and Display Ads, can you create the Image Ads?

Yes – however, we only use the limited Google Ads “Responsive Ads”. We take an image or two from your Client’s website and add write a few lines of text. Google’s Responsive Ads use these elements to create your Client’s ads on the fly to fit the available ad space. If you want complete control over the way your Client’s ads render, then we suggest you send us custom made jpgs that we can upload. Contact us for the specs on the 10+ ad sizes required.

Opportunity – if your Agency offers graphic design services, Remarketing and Display Ads are a great way to increase your Agency’s revenue. Someone has to design the custom ads, right?

How much should I ask my Client to spend?

We can work with budgets as small as $150 / month ($5 / day). However, we like to get at least 3 clicks per day. Most local campaigns spend from $1.50 to $25.00 per click. For the first month, try to get your client to at least spend $600 in clicks ($20 / day). Larger geographic areas will require a larger budget – probably more like $2000+. Remember, the budget can be adjusted at anytime. If we see that your Client’s campaign isn’t running efficiently because of a budget issue, we will let you know. Ultimately, it really depends on what your Client feels comfortable spending. If they aren’t getting results, they can always scale up the ads. You can always contact us to make a recommendation for the initial budget too.

How quickly can you get a new campaign started?

Once we have all the ingredients, we rarely take longer than 5 business days to launch the first round of ads. Display and Remarketing Ads need to be approved by Google before they can go live, so expect at least an additional week for Google’s manual review process after you and your Client have approved the image ads.

What happens if the ads don’t make my Client’s phone ring, or the quality of the leads is poor?

If this happens, call us right away. There can be several reasons the quality of the traffic to the website is not up to par. Sometimes the keywords can be too broad and we could be driving less-than-ideal traffic to the website. Other times the language in the ad is attracting the wrong audience. Sometimes, the message on the website needs to be adjusted, or a landing page needs to be developed. Usually, all of these issues are very fixable. We’ll work with you to try to determine the next steps for your Client. 

What type of reports will I get?

You have three reporting options:

1 – Third Marble Labelled reports.

2 – White Labelled reports.

3 – Private Labelled reports.

It’s completely up to you and we can set the report type differently for each of your clients. Private Labelled reports have your company’s logo, color scheme and contact information. White Labelled reports have no company information on them. Third Marble reports are only for when we work with your Client as a visible Partner.

Reports are sent on the 2nd of each month. Private Label and White Label reports are sent to your email address. The Third Marble reports can be sent directly to your client.

The reports can be customized to some degree, if needed. Most of the reports are 15 to 25 pages long and are loaded with data and charts. A great way to impress a client!

What types of companies will Google Ads work for?

Google Ads can work for almost any company. Some industries are more competitive than others and that can drive the cost per click too high for some small businesses. We like to say If a company would have advertised in the Yellow Pages 20 years ago, then Google Ads should work for them today.

What’s the best way to sell my Client on Google Ads?

Some Clients get it and others don’t. We like to ask the question “What if there were a way to put your ad two feet in front of a prospect’s face at the exact moment they were looking for your products or services? Would you be willing to try something that effective?”

As a trusted advisor to your Client, let them know that they can start small and grow as they begin to see a positive ROI on the ads.  In a nutshell, Google Ads is one of the most measurable advertising systems ever developed. It’s not usually a question of “Does it work?”, more a question of “How big can we scale it?”

If you are struggling with the sales process, let us know. We can jump on a conference call with your prospect as your “Google Guy / Gal” and help answer the tough questions.

Will I have access to my Client’s Google Ads accounts?

Yes – if you want access, we can provide you with access to the Google Ads accounts for all your clients with one log-in. If your Client wants access, no problem, we’re completely transparent. We would prefer to only provide read-only access, but we can provide administrative access if needed.

Opportunity – Hold monthly review sessions with your Clients to review the Google Ads results. This is a great way to increase billable hours and discover new opportunities for landing pages, new websites, new graphics and more…

Will you talk to my Client?

If you’ve requested our White-Label or Private-Label service, we will never contact your Client without your permission. We will not email anything, including reports, to your Client. If needed, we can participate in a conference call with you and your Client as the “Google expert on your team”. 

If you’ve requested our Partner service, then we may call your Client, but we prefer to contact you (the Agency) first. We will copy your Client on any reports and other important emails.

You can choose how we work with each of your Clients individually.

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