AdWords Search Ads

AdWords Search Ads - AdWords management services for agencies.

AdWords Search Ads are the easiest to explain to a Client because most people are already familiar with the Google Search Results Page.

AdWords Search Ads are the ads that you see on the top and on the right hand side of Google’s Search Results Page. These ads are “Pay-per-Click”, which means it costs absolutely nothing to be on the page. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

The idea is simple – use all the targeting methods available to get the most highly qualified, relevant visitor to the website possible. If the website does its job of converting visitors to actions, then this can be a very profitable way to feed your sales funnel.

Typically, we like to start our customers with Search Ads. Of all the Google AdWords ads, Search Ads tend to have the highest ROI and can be optimized fairly quickly.  They are also the easiest to explain to a Client since almost everyone uses Google Search.

Our AdWords Search Ads Process:

Step 1: Fill-out the online Sign-Up form. When filling out the form, you will need three main “ingredients” to start a Search Ads campaign:

  1. The Click Budget – How much does your Client want to spend each month on clicks?
  2. The Geography – Where do they want the ads to run?
    1. A Radius – ie. How many miles from your Client’s location?
    2. A list of Zip codes.
    3. A list of Cities or States.
  3. The Products and Services to advertise – What do you want to advertise?

Step 2: We review the form and get back to you with any questions.

Step 3: We set-up the AdWords Search Ads using information from your Client’s website and the online sign-up form and start the campaign.

Step 4: We monitor and optimize the campaign for a month and produce a detailed report of the first month’s results.

Step 5: We review the report with you and make any changes to the AdWords Search Ads.

Step 6: We continue to monitor and optimize the account and provide monthly reports. You can stop / re-start, pause, increase or decrease the ads at anytime.