AdWords Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads for Google AdWords.

An example of two AdWords Remarketing Ads on a weather website. Neither ads has anything to do with weather – the visitor to this page has visited both of these websites recently.

AdWords Remarketing Ads (sometimes called ‘re-targeting ads’) are a great way to get people to return to your Client’s website. By dropping a Remarketing Code on every page of your Client’s website, we can advertise their website to the people that have visited their website in the last 30, 60, 90… days.  AdWords Remarketing Ads are simple and very cost effective.  Best of all, they are extremely targeted – they only target people that have taken the time to visit your Client’s website.

Bonus Suggestion: If your Client wants to target ads to specific people, then they can simply email those people a link to their website – perhaps a free white paper or other reason for them to visit. That will then put them on your Client’s remarketing list and customers will see your Client’s ads all over the internet for the next x number of days.

Our AdWords Remarketing Ad Process:

Step 1:

We send you the Remarketing Code to install on every page of your Client’s website.  The code is just a few lines long and will not effect the look of the website.

Step 2:

We create ads and send the ads to you for Client approval.  The ads are simple templates that include a few words of copy and the customer’s logo.  If you want to create jpgs for the ads, you may.  Let us know and we can provide you with the specs for the ads.

Step 3:

Once approved, we will upload the ads for Google’s approval.  Google usually takes 3-5 days to approve the ads, then the AdWords Remarketing Ads can start to run.  Note that the ads will not start running until at least 100 people have seen a page with the Remarketing Code installed on it.