Outsourcing AdWords Management to Third Marble: How it Works

If your Agency would like to outsource your AdWords Management work to Third Marble, it’s simple.

You really just need to answer a few questions:

QUESTION 1 – “Do I want to work with Third Marble as a Sub-Contractor, or as a Partner?”

Either way is fine with us. Most of the agencies we work with have a “White-Label Sub-Contractor” arrangement with us:

  • We charge our service fees to the Agency.  The Google clicks get charged to the Client’s credit card.
  • Reports are only sent to the Agency.  The Agency is responsible for reporting the results to their Client and can use their logos / letterhead.
  • We never speak directly to the Client, we take all our direction from the Agency.
  • The Agency charges their Client a marked-up price for the service and/or their consultation time.

Other Agencies work with us as their “Partner“, which is essentially a referral or re-seller arrangement.  The Partner relationship works like this:

  • We charge the Client directly for our service fees.  The Google clicks get charged to the Client’s credit card.
  • Reports are sent to the Client and the Agent with Third Marble’s format and logo.
  • The Client can call us with questions or changes, but we prefer to work with the Agency on changes.
  • The Agency charges their Client either a management fee, or their hourly rate, for managing us as a vendor.

QUESTION 2 – “What AdWords services does my Client need?”

The AdWords services you should suggest to your Client should support your Client’s marketing goals. Here is a list of suggestions:

– If they want to drive quality traffic to their website (the kind of traffic that converts to leads) – Search Ads.

– If they want to recapture their website traffic that doesn’t convert – Remarketing Ads.

– If they want to increase local awareness of their services – Display Ads.

– If they want to really deliver a strong message and / or build their brand – YouTube Video Ads.

Most Clients that are new to AdWords will want to start off with a simple Search Ad campaign.  Once they understand and become familiar with the process and the effectiveness of AdWords advertising, they usually graduate to Remarketing Ads and Display Ads.

Clients with larger marketing budgets will want to jump right into Search Ads, Remarketing Ads and Display Ads.  If they have 30 to 60 second YouTube videos, then they should consider a targeted YouTube video campaign as well.

QUESTION 3 – “What Geography?”

Next, you need to know what geographic area they want the ads to appear in.

As a suggested starting point, we like to ask the question “How far away are the closest 75% of your customers?”  Most of our AdWords accounts use a simple radius to define their geography, but we can also work with lists of states, cities or zip codes.

In general, larger geographic areas need larger budgets, so we recommend keeping both the geography and the budget fairly tight until we know the Ads have a positive ROI.

Oursourcing AdWords Management

QUESTION  4 – “What Products or Services?”

We’ll also need to know which products or services your Client wants to advertise.  We recommend starting with a few of your Client’s most profitable products or services.

For each product / service, we will:

  • Create a list of keyword phrases specific to that product / service.  Usually 50 to 200+ keyword phrases.
  • Create a few text ads for targeting tat product / service.  If you would like to write the ads, just let us know.
  • Find the most appropriate page on your Client’s website for each product / service and link the text ads to that page.

Please note that our fees vary by the number of products / services that you want to advertise.

QUESTION 5 – “How much should the Monthly Click Budget be?”

We like to start with small budgets and, once the Client is seeing a return on their investment.

Most small businesses that want to run Search Ads in a 10 to 25 mile area can start with a $300-500 per month budget. As you add more products / services, add Display Ads, etc., you want to increase the budget accordingly.

State-wide organizations and national advertisers will obviously need to spend more like $2000 to $10,000 per month.

Our job is to get your Client as many quality visitors to their website as possible for whatever monthly click budget you choose.

What’s Next?

Once you have the answers to these questions, simply visit our AdWords Management Pricing Page, select the plan that’s right for your Client and fill-out a New Client Sign-Up Form.  We’ll take it from there.

We’ll set-up the account and call you with any questions. We’ll run the ads for about a month then prepare a first month report and review it with you. At that point, we’ll have hard data to work with and can make intelligent recommendations for next steps and any adjustments to the account.

The recommendations can then be presented to your Client and you can decide what’s next.

There’s never any long-term contract at Third Marble, so you can stop, pause, restart, increase, decrease or change services as your Client’s needs change.

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