AdWords Management Prices for Agencies

Step 1 – Review the chart below to determine the best plan and AdWords management fee for your Client’s needs.
Step 2 – Click the button below the plan that works best for your client’s needs.
Step 3 – Fill-out the sign-up form.  If at any point in this process you have any questions, please call us at 804-638-9866.

Our Small Business AdWords Management Plans:

Notes on Conversion Tracking

The prices in the chart above do not include conversion tracking.

Local Businesses: If you want, we can track the number of form fills and/or the phone calls that come form the AdWords ads so you can calculate the average cost per lead for your clients. We recommend CallRail for on-site call tracking. CallRail charges range from $30 to $50 per month for our typical clients. Third Marble charges and additional $25 per month to manage accounts with conversion tracking. This allows us to manage the account to a specific cost per lead.

E-commerce Accounts: You will need to set up Analytics to track e-commerce revenue and link Analytics to AdWords. With Analytics properly configured, there is typically no additional charge for conversion optimization. With the revenue data in AdWords, we can manage the account to a target cost per order, or return on ad spend.

Looking for just Remarketing, Display or Video Ad Management? No problem.

Just give us a call and we’ll get your client set up. The three plans above just happen to be our most popular. The pricing will be very similar to the chart above.

AdWords Management for Larger Businesses and National Advertisers

For large accounts (over $10,000 / month budgets), including e-commerce accounts that need Shopping Ad Management, call for custom pricing. If the account isn’t overly complicated, then out typical monthly fee would probably be in the 6 to 8% range. It’s difficult to quote work of that size without understanding the client’s website and marketing goals, so call for details.

Need Help with a Client’s Local SEO?

Third Marble offers a private-labelled Local SEO Service with discounts for Agencies. You can read more about our SEO service on our main website:

Call for more information.


Again, there are No Long-Term Contracts, so you can end, pause, or restart your Client’s AdWords campaigns; or increase or decrease their monthly click budget at any time. If you have needs outside of the features listed above, please call us to discuss your goals.

Meetings and Phone Calls

We want you to succeed and we want to help.  So to keep your costs as low as possible, the pricing above does not include any in-person or lengthy telephone meetings. Time spent on phone calls or in meetings lasting more than 15 minutes per day will be invoiced at the “Additional Consulting” rate of $75 / hour. Feel free to contact us with the quick question or two. We’ll always be happy to help. If our time together begins to exceed 15 minutes, we will obviously inform you of these potential charges prior to continuing.